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  • Toby's Estate@8 Rodyk St getting a facelift to its kitchen

    After more than 2 years of operations since 2011, Toby’s Estate Cafe at 8 Rodyk St is expanding its kitchen this Mar 2014. Along with it, we are also developing new menu items that will continue to excite and stay relevant to the demanding tastebuds of our customers.

    We recognised the importance of meeting the coffee needs of our loyal and ardent customers, and hence, during this renovations we remain open to serve our much loved coffee, cakes and pastries daily from 7.30 – 6pm daily during this period, including weekends.

    So bear with us as we work hard to WOW you in the coming months.

    – Toby’s Estate Cafe @ 8 Rodyk St Team

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  • Check Out Our Product Range

    Specialty coffee, tea and chocolate is available to purchase at our flagship Café & Roastery in Rodyk Street, Singapore. Read more to see the full range of products.

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  • The Toby's Estate Story

    The most common question we are asked at Toby’s Estate is “Is there a Toby”  and  “Where’s the Estate”, so we thought it probably makes sense to start from the beginning and share  Toby’s Story (yes he exists!), and how Toby’s Estate came to be.

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  • Coffee and Music

    Roasting coffee is – to me – like making music. The growers are like the great luthiers who build the instruments. The baristas are like the producers who are the conduit between the music and the music lovers. But the roasters are the musicians – the ones who bring the music into the world.

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