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The Singapore Roastery and Café is housed in a renovated warehouse by the Singapore River. The Roastery and Café was designed especially to bring you in to the home of Toby’s Estate where you will have the ultimate coffee experience!

  • Singapore
    Café and Roastery

    8 Rodyk Street, 01-03/04
    Singapore 238216
    Ph: +65 6636 7629

    Opening hours:
    Sunday-Thursday 7.30am-6pm
    Friday-Saturday 7.30am-8pm

General Enquiries

Wholesale Customer Service Hotline: +65 6278 4417
Cafe Customer Service Hotline: +65 6636 7629
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Customer Feedback Form:

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International Locations

We have one signature Café in New York and four signature Cafés in Australia so if you’re travelling, pop in for a coffee and say hello!

  • Chippendale Café
    32-36 City Road
    Chippendale NSW 2008
    Ph: +61 2 9112 1131

    Opening hours:

    Monday-Friday 7am-4pm
    Saturday-Sunday 8am-4pm
  • Woolloomooloo Café
    129 Cathedral Street
    Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
    Ph: +61 2 9357 3601

    Opening hours:

    Monday-Friday 7am-4pm
    Saturday-Sunday 8am-4pm
  • Flinders Lane Café
    325 Flinders Lane
    Melbourne VIC 3000
    Ph: +61 3 9939 4578

    Opening hours:

    Monday-Friday 7am-5pm
    Saturday 9am-4pm
  • Brisbane Espresso Bar
    79 Albert Street
    Brisbane QLD 4000
    Ph: +61 7 3211 2484           Opening hours:
    Monday-Friday 6.30am-5pm
    Weekends closed                  
  • Toby’s Estate New York Café and Roastery
    125 North 6th, Brooklyn
    New York 11249 USA
    Ph: (347) 457 6160

    Opening hours:

    Monday-Thursday 7am-6pm
    Friday 7am-7pm
    Weekends 8am-8pm