Espresso School

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The training we offer will prepare the passionate enthusiast for a place in the fabulous world of espresso coffee. The science and art of espresso making is one of the most contagious and enjoyable skills to acquire. The tactile nature of extracting coffee and texturing milk makes every cup a challenge. Each cup is a new experience for the maker.

Toby’s Estate Espresso School provides training workshops designed to benefit all levels of experience, whether you are non-industry, new to the industry or a professional barista. Out Café & Roastery has  state of the art espresso machines with grinders for hands on practice.

We have a dedicated Slow Bar for our Brew Lab which includes coffee brewing equipment like the Clover, Chemex and V60. Classes are limited to groups of 6-8 people to allow for ample time and one on one guidance.

Corporate and group bookings are welcome for all sessions. If you have a group that would benefit from participating in an interactive espresso experience, then any of the sessions would be ideal. We can also tailor a session to suit your individual requirements.

LEVEL ONE: Espresso Foundations
3 hours duration
The expertise of the skilled barista is based on a solid knowledge foundation. Here we will begin with a comprehensive exploration of the bean, the machine and the art of the Barista.

LEVEL TWO: Espresso Applications
3 hours duration
This course follows on directly from Espresso Foundations and subject to course availability can be completed on the same day. Here we will refine the techniques of the skilled Barista including grind management, dosing, tamping, extraction, milk texturing and pouring.

LEVEL THREE: Espresso Dedications
3 hours duration 
This course follows on directly from Espresso Applications. Quality, consistency and efficiency are critical in the coffee industry and during this in depth course we will focus on the work flow, order management skills and processes essential to the professional Barista in a fast paced commercial environment.

3 hours duration 
The science and art of espresso making encompasses the visual appeal of the finished product. In this workshop you will discover how to master free pour and multi tool techniques. Students must have completed levels one and two and show competence in milk texturing.

1.5 hours duration

In this interactive 90 minute course, your trainer will demonstrate the techniques of coffee brewing using Woodneck, V60, Chemex and Siphon. You will then master each step of brewing via V60 and Chemex including the correct use of filters, coffee dosage, water temperature, volume/grind coffee settings and pour techniques. A wide variety of filter roast single origin will be used and participants are encouraged to cup the coffee and understand the taste and profiles.

1.5 hours duration
Do you love coffee? Why not come and learn exactly what your taste buds are experiencing? Our monthly coffee tastings will explain how the cultivation, process, roasting, ageing, blending and brewing of coffee affect its flavour. Detailed tasting notes are provided along with a variety of samples that are brewed via different methods like Chemex, V60 and Siphon.

Time poor? Too far away? Do you prefer to learn in the your own café environment? We are pleased to now offer a condensed on site level 1 and 2 class at your café. Training sessions must be limited to a maximum of 3 people. Why not call us to discuss the option of our trainer coming to your café or office.

To enquire about or book any of the above workshops, please email us at