Bella Vista Colombia


This coffee awakens your sense of wanderlust and inner fashionista.

We’re sorry, but we can’t help you if the name “Bella Vista” didn’t convince you to repress the urge to dress to the nines for your upcoming dining-in café experience. This coffee, which literally means “beautiful view”, awakens your inner fashionista and stokes your desire to travel. This Edwin Zambrano production will undoubtedly make you eager to luxuriate your home espresso setup. Coming from the Colombian region of Huila, this is undoubtedly a memorable occasion. Expect to find some juicy couture-inspired oranges, tender Granny Smith apples, and fancy Cinnabon scrolls. This is seriously an outrageous combination of flavours.

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Additional information




Anaerobic Natural

Coffee Variety

Catuai, Caturra


Ripe Orange, Granny Smith Apple, Cinnabon Scroll


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