Las Lajas Costa Rica


“Black Diamond!” – You (2022), after tasting this divine Costa Rica Las Lajas supreme filter coffee.

The infamous SL28 variety, combined with Oscar and Francisca Chacón’s natural anaerobic processing, results in a high-end, upper-class, and royally exquisite coffee. Oscar and Francisca’s “Black Diamonds” processing method focuses on an extended dry time and fermentation, resulting in the confectionary-like sweetness you will confidently detect in the flavour and aroma. Prepare yourself for the sweet-sweet maple flavour, the most wonderfully outstanding berries of the forest (what a flavour note), and the confectionary strawberry jam flavour. What an undeniably cracker of a cup of coffee!

{Backorders will take 1-2 weeks of processing time as we want to send you our freshest beans. Thank you for waiting!}

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Central Valley


Black Diamonds

Coffee Variety



Strawberry Jam, Forest Berries, Maple

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