Hadeso Ethiopia


This unexpected offering from Ethiopia Hadeso will have you saying “it’s all Guji” while the devil (your buddies drinking instant) wears Prada.

The farmers of Hadeso Washing Station, located in Ethiopia’s Guji zone, have nurtured a beautifully rich yet delicate natural processed coffee. Their natural lots, which cover an average of 2 hectares each, are dried on raised beds for 14 – 21 days in volcanic clay-rich soils. Even if you enjoy a classic natural Ethiopian, we are confident that this one will surprise you! Expect indulgent peach and dried apricot flavours, but the delicate milk chocolate mouthfeel will captivate your senses and leave you yearning for more. Take a stroll down the flavour runway, Guji-style.

{Backorders will take 1-2 weeks of processing time as we want to send you our freshest beans. Thank you for waiting!}

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Guji, Oromia



Coffee Variety



Milk Chocolate, Peach, Dried Apricot

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