Kainamui Kenya


Look no further than this sensational double washed Kenyan from Kainamui if you want your filter coffee to give you that citric lime explosive wake up call.

The exciting Kenyan double washed process is something we’re always eager to try and rediscover. The process completely engulfs the cup, leaving behind juicy acidity, complex fruit flavours, and a tingling freshness — it doesn’t get any fresher than this! We get that wedge of lime, which reminds us of summer days, a deliciously sweet blackcurrant fruitiness, and a dessert jaffa note, which will seriously give your next brew that much-needed double kick.

{Backorders will take 1-2 weeks of processing time as we want to send you our freshest beans. Thank you for waiting!}

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Double Washed

Coffee Variety

SL28 – SL34


Blackcurrant, Lime, Jaffa

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