Lamington Cake 200g


Pour yourself a slice
The next instalment of the Flavour Savour series is a homegrown, Aussie favourite, consumed across the country; the iconic Lamington!

” Yeah that’s easy mate, my Nan makes them all the time. Coconut, chocolate, pound cake, done”. Lamington may be easy to bake, but not so easy to roast. Brought to life through a complex combination of coffees from around the globe; all of which build those classic, nostalgic layers of flavour. Combined with your milk of choice, you bloody rippa, the Lamington experience in a coffee is complete. Game on Nan.

Lamingtons with or without strawberry jam? Big question…. of course we indulged! Look for flavours of strawberry, coconut, dark chocolate and pound cake.

We had to end 2021 with a bang and what better way than with an Aussie favourite. Available for a short time only, make sure you try this humdinger of a brew before it’s gone.


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