SHIFT: Our Plot – Daterra


The flavours in this series of SHIFT have undergone a frenzied experimentation.

Talk about being spoilt. We hope to SHIFT your perceptions of Brazilian coffee with our most recent series of SHIFT, which will give you taste sensations like no other. Prepare for magic! Tantalise your taste buds, start slurping, and explore this incredible coffee from our very own Daterra plot.

Over the years, Toby’s Estate has had the privilege of working closely with Daterra. Therefore, we were beyond thrilled when the chance to collaborate with them and direct the processing of this incredibly special coffee arose. Whether you prefer espresso, filter, or both, the incredibly inventive processing of a fruit and spice starter infusion and the shape-shifting, metamorphosis of flavour changes! Grab a bag of this extremely limited experience as soon as you can and start brewing in any style you like.

Check out our blog to learn more about our SHIFT series, including our collaboration with Reuben Styles of Peking Duk, as well as to discover more about this unusual processing technique.

Tasting notes: Fresh Pineapple, Macerated Apricot, Peanut Brittle, Croissant and Orange Muffin

Artwork by Sindy Sinn (@sindysinn)

Toby’s Estate will donate a portion of all SHIFT coffee sales to Black Dog Institute. Thus, this product is not applicable for promotions.

{Backorders will take 1-2 weeks of processing time as we want to send you our freshest beans. Thank you for waiting!}



Do you want to learn how to make the ideal cup?

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Additional information


Minas Gerais


Fruit / Spices Starter Infused

Coffee Variety



Peanut Brittle, Fresh Pineapple, Macerated Apricot, Croissant, Orange Muffin


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