The Toby's Estate Story

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The most common question we are asked at Toby’s Estate is “Is there a Toby”  and  “Where’s the Estate”, so we thought it probably makes sense to start from the beginning and share  Toby’s Story (yes he exists!), and how Toby’s Estate came to be.

The Toby’s Estate story started 1997, when founder Toby Smith traded in a career as a lawyer to follow his heart & venture to some of the world’s most remote regions to discover all there was to know about his first love – coffee.  Toby traveled through coffee plantations in Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, and beyond where he was welcomed into the local coffee farming communities who shared with him what they’d learnt about coffee.

While living within the communities, Toby experienced firsthand how these families had dedicated their lives, and a lot of hard manual labour to growing exquisite coffee. At the same time, Toby saw where the coffee industry back home was heading, and realised the world of specialty coffee could be lost to mass produced alternatives if someone didn’t get the coffee from these farmers into the hands of coffee drinkers.

Inspired by his new purpose, and the deep respect for the people that took him in, Toby embraced the challenge that lay ahead, returned home, converted his mum’s garage into a roastery and got to work perfecting the art and science of roasting coffee to bring out the delicate flavour & true character of each farm in every cup.

Toby’s coffee was very well received, and a loyal following of coffee enthusiasts eager to support his efforts began to build momentum. Today, as more people begin to appreciate a great cup of coffee and the back stories that sit behind every cup, the futures of Speciality Coffee communities grow stronger.

Toby’s commitment to growing a sustainable specialty coffee industry is multifaceted, with social, ethical & environmental issues on farm his current focus. Which brings us to our second most commonly asked questions, “Where is the Estate?”

Toby’s (actual) Estate is situated in the Santa Clara Provence of Panama in Central America.  This is a multi-award winning farm renowned for producing some of the world’s best coffee. The farm is focused on pioneer new sustainable growing and processing techniques, allowing us to nurture the flavours within each bean from seed through to cup.

Today, Toby is now joined by over 100 passionate coffee enthusiasts at Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters, who are all united under the one common goal to honour the work of the specialty coffee farmers and to create a thriving specialty coffee industry for everyone to enjoy. We achieve this through a commitment to ethically sourcing only the best quality beans, roasting each crop to bring out its unique flavour profile, and paying careful attention to aging to ensure our coffee is always served at its optimal freshness.

Our Baristas are then charged with the ultimate responsibility of perfecting their technique to ensure every cup of Toby’s Estate Coffee delivers the richness, complexity & character that has been crafted from crop to cup.