El Salvador Plan del Hoyo


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Tastes like mimosa, nectarine & honeydew melon – on a yacht

You’re on a yacht, nothing but clear skies above and the deep blue beneath. What’s that in your hand? Oh my, it’s a mimosa, the breakfast of champions. Sparkling, tangy acidity. An Instagram worthy fruit platter laid out before you, naturally, you head straight for the nectarine, a sweetness unmatched by any other fruit. Then the honeydew melon catches your eye. Due to lockdown, this was all just a daydream, instead, you have the El Salvador Plan Del Hoyo laid out before you, with a screen saver of a yacht, which honestly is better than any daydream we can come up with.

More Information
Region Apaneca – Sta Ana
Process Washed
Coffee Variety SL28
Flavour Nectarine, Mimosa, Honeydew Melon
Recommended Preparation Best black


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