Finca Maputo Ecuador


When we sip this wonderful Typica variety from Ecuador, words like sparkling, vibrant, and delicious come to mind.

Finca Maputo is a farm that we are always excited about, and this time we have a stunning Anaerobic Washed process on display. Verena Blazer and Henri Gaibor’s methodical approach to farming is unrivalled in the region, thanks to their love and care. This fully washed coffee with anaerobic fermentation adds a delightful twist to the flavours you’d expect from Ecuador, all while retaining that crisp vibrancy. The party will be welcomed by a beautiful and fresh lime from the spring season. Following that are the juiciest Golden Raisins imaginable, all topped off with a delicate yet sweet Brown sugar note – this is a flavour combination to brag about to your friends. Try it on your next brew!

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Anaerobic Washed

Coffee Variety



Brown Sugar, Lime, Golden Raisins


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