Gesha Village Ethiopia


Ethiopia Gesha Village is back for all the luxury seekers out there!

This is an unforgettable experience, so act quickly before it sells out! Ethiopia Gesha Village, the origin and birthplace of the infamous coffee culture term “Geisha”, is an excellent project that combines the best of Ethiopian central washing station practices with expert estate management and traceability. To summarise, this is the best of the best. The Tesla of filter coffee, the Fellowship’s Gandalf. The exciting Geisha 1931 varietal and honey process all combine in tandem to bring a remarkable complexity, produced by Adam Overton and boasting a whopping 2,000 metres altitude above sea level. The skin of the fresh cherry is physically removed without the addition of water in this honey processing, as opposed to fully washed processing. However, after pulping, the coffee retains its mucilage and is then dried until it contains 11% moisture. A meticulously crafted, complex process that results in an unrivalled and instantly recognisable profile. Brew this in your most opulent attire and bask in the absolute luminosity, class, and magic that this coffee will instil in your soul. Prepare to taste the most delicately ripe White Peach, a tea note reminiscent of the floral Chrysanthemum flower, and an unrivalled Turkish delight experience of insane quality.

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Bench Maji



Coffee Variety

Gesha 1931


Turkish Delight, White Peach, Chrysanthemum


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