La Samaria Nicaragua


This filter will confidently transport you to a palace of rainforest bliss and pleasant dreams.

Another Nicaragua offering this month, we like to spoil you at Toby’s! This time in a filter roast from the stunning La Samaria, but both times produced by the one and only Octavio Peralta. La Samaria is home to a diverse range of lush vegetation and wildlife, thanks to high levels of annual rainfall. This will confidently transport you into a palace of rainforest bliss and pleasant dreams. This coffee underwent the Anaerobic Natural process, in which oxygen had little interaction with the cherries during fermentation because they were sealed in tanks for 48 hours. Another beautiful coffee lovingly crafted by Octavio, and the results sing and shine in the cup. Take a deep breath and enjoy the flavours of Pear, sweet and refreshing Toffee Apple, and a Marzipan note that speaks louder than words.


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Additional information


Nueva Segovia


Anaerobic Natural

Coffee Variety



Marzipan, Pear, Toffee Apple


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