Pein Nay Gone Myanmar


Another outstanding coffee offering!

Thanks to Melanie Edwards and the team at Behind the Leaf, the Pein Nay Gone Myanmar is no different from the bangers we’ve come to expect from a great origin. The Shwe Thung Thu community and the Pao ethnic group partnered and resurrected their coffee farms in the Shan State region to harvest at peak time. They’ve gone from producing two tonnes of specialty coffee to producing 37 tonnes from 1,100 small-holder farmers in more than 50 villages in six years. Get your hands on this before it’s too late!

{Whole Bean}


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Additional information


Shan State, Pinlaung


Anaerobic Natural

Coffee Variety

Catuai, SL34, Caturra, S795


Sticky Date Pudding, Dates, Neapolitan Ice Cream


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