Rio Chiquito Colombia


A cheerful and delightful espresso option kicks off our fresh September rotation – Rio Chiquito

This cheeky espresso roast hails from Colombia and features a unique Washed 36 hour process that will 100% ignite your passion and zest for flavourful mouth explosions. Pedro Nel Trujillo is a reputable, well-known, world-class producer, and we are thrilled to be able to offer his stunning Caturra micro lot. This unique processing method begins with de-pulping the coffee and subjecting it to a 36-hour fermentation stage, after which the beans are washed and dried for 20 days – a labour of love that results in an experience you will not want to miss. Prepare to be wowed by the juicy lip-smacking acidity of Red Currants, followed by an Orange Marmalade flavour mouth explosion that transforms into a delectably rich Caramel-like body. Prepare to add this to your shopping list, people.


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Additional information


Huila, Oporapa


Washed 36h

Coffee Variety



Caramel, Redcurrant, Orange Marmalade


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