Santa Maria de Lourdes Nicaragua


This charming espresso option will provide you with distinct and captivating flavours.

The Aerobic Natural processing method takes centre stage in the exciting and exquisite Nicaragua Santa Maria de Loures. This is when oxygen is present during the fermentation process of producing natural coffee, but the freshly picked cherries are placed in a tank or container – allowing the microorganisms to get to work while being carefully monitored. The end result is a blend of the distinct and enthralling flavours you’ll encounter with this charming espresso option. This amazing coffee was created by none other than our beloved Octavio Peralta, a relationship we will always cherish. Santa Maria de Loures is his highest-altitude coffee farm, and the high altitude, combined with this unique processing method, results in absolute flavour city. With just one sip, you’ll be in love with the perfectly ripe Blackberry, the tongue-teasing dessert realness of Jaffa, and the gorgeously sweet and sugary Panela. What a delicious espresso.


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Nueuva Segovia


Aerobic Natural

Coffee Variety



Blackberry, Jaffa, Panela


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