Sítio Moinho Grande Brazil


Look no further if you enjoy a classic espresso with a twist.

If you enjoy a classic espresso with a twist, look no further than this Brazil Espresso on offer this month — please meet Sítio Moinho Grande right away. Oh, my goodness! Dona Sebastiana began working on her family’s coffee farm when she was nine years old and has since lived an absolute legacy of a coffee career that continues to this day, more than 60 years later! She recently received the award for Entrepreneurial Woman at the Café, which is an incredible accomplishment! Her work can be tasted in this one-of-a-kind yet traditional Brazilian natural process. As it transitions into silky crème caramel, your tongue is greeted by a delicate yet orange peel-like acidity. You are left with a gooey milky chocolate mouthfeel that is simply, unequivocally, and undeniably s t u n n i n g!

{Whole Bean}

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Matas de Minas



Coffee Variety

Red Catucai, Yellow Catuai


Milk Chocolate, Orange Peel, Crème Caramel


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