Ta Ngo Myanmar


A delectably soothing brew that will transport you to a state of luxurious tranquility.

Myanmar, a country with which we have only the warmest feelings. Every year, we highlight fantastic examples of how this origin is pushing the limits of specialty coffee with incredible attention to detail. Melanie Edwards outdoes herself once more with this spectacular black honey process from Shan State’s Pinlaung.

Expect a deliciously relaxing brew that will transport you into luxurious tranquility, highlighted by a filter-style roast. A stylish Marzipan note up front, followed by wonderful Blackberry and Muscat Grapes (oh, a bit fancy), and you have yourself a fantastically ornate brew!

{Whole Bean}

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Shan State, Pinlaung


Black Honey

Coffee Variety



Blackberry, Marzipan, Muscat Grape


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