Tha Pye Gone Myanmar


A Myanmar filter has returned, baby!

If you liked our previous Myanmar rice yeast fermentation, you’ll like this one because they keep the experimentation going…

It’s as good as a Blink 182 concert without the need for a second mortgage for tickets. Melanie has added dried koji rice yeast and shio koji to the microbial balls for this lot this time around. She’s still learning about koji and its many applications in coffee processing, but it’s another stunner, as you’ve come to expect from Myanmar. How can you go wrong with flavours like strawberries, bubblegum, and maple syrup?

{Whole Bean}

Additional information


Shan State, Pinlaung


Anaerobic Natural – Koji Yeast

Coffee Variety

Catuai, SL34, Caturra, S795


Maple Syrup, Strawberry, Bubblegum


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